Public sector or private, every project is important to us — from community greenways to major highways. We’re here to help you overcome challenges, see projects through to completion and turn your vision into reality.

What kind of future will you build? You decide. We work with you to discover what your project — or community — could be, then we help bring your vision to life.

The future is here. Let’s start building.

We’ve been in your shoes. Led by the former Mayor of Franklin and INDOT Commissioner, we’re passionate about helping community leaders keep their commitments.

At Avenew, we’re building the future of infrastructure — implementing new approaches to extend the life of your assets so you can keep your community growing.

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Our Values

Guided by our values, we believe in cultivating genuine, long-term relationships. We’re known for honesty and fairness, and we take an even-keeled, no-nonsense approach to every project.


Don’t just rely on what we do. Rely on who we are.


We connect you with leading-edge solutions that accelerate your progress.


We say what we mean and we mean what we say.


We value communities and support their growth.


We build trusting, personal relationships that last.


We stand side by side with our clients until the job is done.


We help create maintainable projects that stay as close to brand-new as possible.


We help make big projects manageable — without red tape.

We Advance Your Vision

Joe McGuinness



Travis Underhill

Vice President of Solutions Engineering


Let’s Build Something Great Together

What’s the vision for Avenew?


What’s behind Avenew’s innovative approach to financing?


Who works with Avenew?


How does Avenew work as a team?


What types of projects are Avenew’s specialty?


“Joe McGuinness is a can-do guy. He sees and works toward the long-term vision.”

Chris Jensen

Mayor of Noblesville, Indiana

“Joe McGuinness is a big-picture guy. Travis Underhill is a hands-on, get-it-done kind of guy. The two of them are extremely successful as a team.”

Rex Dillinger

Former Common Council Member and business owner in Noblesville, Indiana

“When you’re in government it can be difficult to negotiate and harder to explore. To get to good ideas you have to explore a range of possibilities. Joe McGuinness and Travis Underhill help do that in a transparent, yet efficient, way.”

Gary Pool

County Engineer, Hancock County, Indiana