Whether you’re adding streets to a logistics complex or reimagining a town square, we can help you keep your projects and community going — and growing.

Local highway and street departments oversee 80,000+ miles of roadway in Indiana's 92 counties.

About 13,000 Indiana bridges are locally owned and maintained.

Avenew’s leaders have overseen roads and infrastructure for Indiana’s 6.9 million citizens.

Build Operate Transfer contracts help cash-strapped local governments finance complicated infrastructure projects.

“When you’re in government it can be difficult to negotiate and harder to explore. To get to good ideas you have to explore a range of possibilities. Joe McGuinness and Travis Underhill help do that in a transparent, yet efficient, way.”

Gary Pool

County Engineer, Hancock County, Indiana

“Joe McGuinness has experience in local government and state government both as an executive and as part of a larger team. He’s overseen operations that impact 6.9 million people every day. That’s a skill set very few people have.”

Chris Jensen

Mayor of Noblesville, Indiana

“Joe McGuinness and Travis Underhill leave no stone unturned. They don’t go in with tunnel vision or one thing in mind. They’re open to any solution, and they look for the best solution.”

Rex Dillinger

Former Common Council Member and business owner in Noblesville, Indiana