Our decades of experience in asset management, complex infrastructure projects and horizontal construction give us the know-how to get projects off the ground — and get things done.

When you partner with us, we help you secure financing, procure design, complete construction — whatever you need — so you can stay focused on your goals.

You’ll also benefit from Avenew’s partnership with The Heritage Group. We can provide shared support services from entities like the Heritage Research Group, which can help you engage in and use new construction techniques and materials.

You can count on our partnership.

  • We’ve got you covered. Our team can fill any position you need and help you manage all of your horizontal construction needs, from building new infrastructure to rehabilitating what you have now.
  • We do more than fill gaps. We provide holistic program management from start to finish. We’re flexible, and our strong relationships throughout Indiana help us resource the expertise you need.
  • We’re easy to work with. We’re guided by our values of integrity and trust. We believe in cultivating genuine, long-term relationships and take a relaxed, no-nonsense approach to every project.

We take a can-do approach to every project, partnering with you and providing the support you need to get things done quickly and efficiently.

$20 million: Federal funds sourced by Avenew leaders for Franklin, Indiana, from 2013-2016.

Avenew’s leaders have overseen roads and infrastructure for Indiana’s 6.9 million citizens.

Indiana’s 29,800 lane miles and 5,700+ bridges have benefited from the care of Avenew's leaders.

Every $1 in maintenance deferred could quadruple in capital renewal costs later.

“Joe McGuinness and Travis Underhill leave no stone unturned. They don’t go in with tunnel vision or one thing in mind. They’re open to any solution, and they look for the best solution.”

Rex Dillinger

Former Common Council Member and business owner in Noblesville, Indiana

“Every project has a honeymoon phase. Then there’s the working relationship — the marriage part. That’s where all the work is. Joe McGuinness and Travis Underhill can get you through that.”

Gary Pool

County Engineer, Hancock County, Indiana

“Even when Travis Underhill is busy, he takes time to sit with people and have personal conversations. He’s very down to earth. That quality has always put me at ease.”

Kevin Jasinski

Professional Engineer