Need financing? We can show you how to capitalize on new legislation that allows you to bring private investors into your projects, so instead of focusing on one year of asset management, you can build an asset management plan that spans multiple years.

We can help you connect the dots so you can do more to manage your assets now — and in the future.

  • Use our technology tools to inventory your current assets, then use data to effectively assess risk and forecast preventative maintenance measures.
  • Tap into innovative financing options that can empower public sector leaders to leverage private dollars and improve communities more quickly than in the past.
  • Gain an experienced partner. Our decades of experience make us not only knowledgeable but reliable, too.

Keep your assets as close to brand new as possible for as long as possible — in a financially efficient and sustainable way.

Every $1 spent on preventive maintenance can save up to $15 in future rehabilitation costs.

Asset management can help maintain infrastructure performance for at least 10 years.

Life-cycle planning reduces backlog by 53% compared to a worst-first approach.

Reconstructing a road in poor condition can cost 10 times more than preserving that road before it fails.

“Joe McGuinness has experience in local government and state government both as an executive and as part of a larger team. He’s overseen operations that impact 6.9 million people every day. That’s a skill set very few people have.”

Chris Jensen

Mayor of Noblesville, Indiana

“Joe McGuinness and Travis Underhill have demonstrated what they can do on the public side. They’ll do the same on the private side. You can count on them to go the extra mile.”

Rex Dillinger

Former Common Council Member and business owner in Noblesville, Indiana

“Travis Underhill is good at stabilizing things and helping people stay focused on their goals. He works with people to understand risk, assess it and develop a plan to mitigate it.”

Kevin Jasinski

Professional Engineer